If we all help a little, we can accomplish a lot.

A crowdfunding campaign got us started, but it’s our volunteers and our community that keep us going.

The Victoria Tool Library is run by volunteers just like you! We always need people with lots of great tool knowledge and building skills as well as folks with good people skills and outreach knowledge! We may have a special project with your name on it, so let us know if you’d like to volunteer.

We can always use more fine folks to be the friendly faces of the tool library, ready at the front desk to help members to check out tools and inspect tools when they’re returned. The front line crew makes the tool library run!

You’ll be:

  • Signing up new members when they come into the library
  • Demonstrating the safe use of tools (don’t worry if you don’t know every single tool in our collection)
  • Checking out tools for members; explaining loan policy as needed
  • Checking in tool returns after inspecting them for damage or cleaning needs.
  • Collecting late fees and accepting cash donations
  • Accepting tool donations and prepping tools for cataloging
  • Helping to keep the library and the collection clean and organized

Our board members work together to perform the day-to-day operations of the tool library, from opening and closing the tool library, managing the tool inventory, fundraising, and communications.

In general our board members will have the following qualities:

  • Personal integrity, professional credibility, and a passionate understanding of, and commitment to, the goals and core values of the VicTL
  • Networking skills, and a natural affinity for building relationships with organizations and individuals on behalf of the VicTL

The Victoria Tool Library strives for diversity among its directors, taking into consideration factors such as skills, experience, education, gender, age, ethnicity and geographic location.

If you are interested in joining our Board of Directors, please get in touch and tell us about yourself.

Wanna be on call to help with occasional tasks? This could include:

  • picking up large tool donations (vehicle required)
  • repairing tools in our sick bay
  • helping staff with special events
  • work parties
  • leading a workshop
  • just about anything else in support of the Tool Library!

If you are able to help with these on call tasks, contact us and tell us about yourself!

To make a donation to the Victoria Tool Library, please use the PayPal button below. These donations keep our doors open, repairs made, tools available, and much more.

For information on how you can donate tools, please see our wishlist page.

We are always looking to expand our collection, especially tools from the list below.

We gratefully accept working, gently-used tool donations at the Tool Library during regular hours or by arrangement. We also welcome supplies and “consumables” as listed below. Where noted we may have one or more in the inventory but there is more demand than availability.

We have received an overwhelming amount of quality tools from the community, and we’re extremely grateful for the generosity of our donors!

Please contact us first before bringing in a large donation so we can make sure it’s a good fit for the space and our collection!


Last update: 27Aug19

Hand Tools

Swaging tool for wire rope/cables
Canvas stretching pliers

Power Tools (we prefer wired over battery tools!)

Large Cut-off Saw for metal (at least 10”)
Gasless welder
Additional power tool batteries and chargers in GOOD condition (still hold a charge) (**Especially DeWalt 20V and Makita 18V Lithium Ion batteries & chargers**)
Brad nailers (air or electric welcome)
Jobsite speaker
Drills & drivers (relatively new or corded – some of ours are on their way out)

Bike & Automotive/Mechanical Repair Tools

Filter Wrenches
Transmission/engine jack
Ball Joint Tool
Brake line bleeder kit

Household & Garden Tools

Sledge hammer
Splitting axe/maul
Button maker machine
Laminate Cutter
Electric Tiller
Cider Press


Reciprocating saw blades (sets or packages)
Circular saw blades (all sizes)
Discs for angle grinders (especially 4 1/2″)

Please note that we cannot take every tool offered, and we reserve the right to turn away, redistribute or sell tools we cannot use, easily service/repair, or have space to store.

We will consider larger shop tools for future expansion – these will be stored until such time as we can make use of them but please get in touch as these cannot be stored at the current library location.

Not needed at this time:

Basic hand tools (standard screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets, Allan keys, hand saws)
Circular saws
Vintage sewing machines
Power tools that are not working or that lack batteries and/or chargers
Tool belts or large tool boxes (small tool boxes welcome!)

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