Members of the tool library are able to borrow up to seven tools a week from our library’s inventory.

Memberships cost $100, and are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

All Library members who wish to reserve tools will require a user account on MyTurn, our online inventory tool.

Bring your ID when picking up an item from the Library!

Buying a membership is easy, with a few options:

  1. Purchase your membership online with a credit card. Online memberships are charged at $100:
    • Create a MyTurn account here. MyTurn is our online inventory tool – every member needs a MyTurn user account to reserve items online.
    • Click Create Account in the upper right corner.
    • MyTurn will ask you to read and sign the Member’s Agreement & Tool Use Policy, as well as the Liability Waiver Form as part of your signup. These are your Terms and Conditions — and include details on late fees, or lost/damaged items.
    • Now you’ve got your account basics down – get the membership! Select General Membership Self Purchase. Your membership and ability to reserve tools will not be complete without this step.
    • Need help?
    • Check out our Video about the online signup process.
  2. Come see us in person during our open hours — get your membership and the item you’d like to borrow in one stop.
  3. Volunteer and get a Volunteer Membership in return! Checkout our Contribute page for more info.

Give someone the gift of over 1200 tools! It’s easy with our gift memberships.

Gift memberships at the Victoria Tool Library are offered for purchase at the Tool Library or online below.

Once you complete your purchase, we’ll provide you with a certificate you can give to your recipient. Whenever they’re ready, your recipient brings the certificate into the library to activate their membership. All memberships including gift memberships are valid for one year from the date of activation (not purchase).

Membership Type
Recipient's Name

Are you an organization who wants to use the VTL equipment and tools? We are offering up to 14 sponsored memberships in 2024 to registered non-profits and/or charitable organizations operating in the City of Victoria to try our services. Each membership allows up to 4 individuals to join at a time. The host organization is responsible for the members, so choose wisely – we suggest regular volunteers, clients, staff and people who are involved in your operations. Once you are registered through this program, your representatives will have access to the full inventory of VTL tools and equipment. Fill out our APPLICATION FORM and submit it to We will review your application and get back in touch!