Tools make great things possible.

With tools we can build new things, fix old things, improve our surroundings, earn money, help others, and help ourselves.

Still, most people don’t need most tools most of the time. Plus, tools can be difficult to store if you live in a small space and they are often costly to buy. It just makes sense to share tools.

The answer is a tool library, where people can borrow the tools they need, when they need them. It works a lot like a book library, but instead of books, you check out tools.

Members pay a low annual fee to access a wide variety of tools and equipment. The tool library takes care of the storage, maintenance and hassle of owning them – you just borrow them when you need them.

We believe every community should have one. There are tool libraries all across Canada and the world, and now we have a tool library for Greater Victoria too!

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