Our Wishlist


As we get new tools, and new requests, we will update this wishlist.

We have received an overwhelming amount of quality tools from the community, and we’re extremely grateful for the generosity of our donors!

We are always looking to expand our collection, especially tools from the list below. We gratefully accept working, gently-used tool donationsĀ at the tool library during regular hours or by arrangement. We also welcome supplies and “consumables” as listed below.

Please contact us first before bringing in a large donation so we can make sure it’s a good fitĀ for the space and our collection!

Hand Tools

  • Large bar or pipe clamps and quick-release clamps (have one pair of pipe clamps)
  • Double-Edge Saw (aka Japanese Hand Saw)
  • Stud finder (manual or electronic) (have one)
  • Sledge hammer
  • Tile cutter
  • Locking pliers (e.g. Vise grip)
  • Basin wrench
  • PO Plug wrench
  • Propane torch
  • Paint roller frame with extension handle (or just the handles!)
  • large screwdrivers (e.g. Robertson size 3 & 4)

Power Tools

  • Hammer drill
  • Nail gun/Brad nailer (have one)
  • Table Saw (folding or portable – we have one)
  • Wet Saw (for tile cutting)
  • Cutoff Saw (for metal)
  • Thickness Planer (have two handheld planers)
  • Joiner (have one)
  • Soldering Iron (have one)
  • Multimeter (have one)
  • Additional power tool batteries and chargers (Makita, DeWalt, Ryobi, Bosch) ** HIGH priority

Bike & Automotive/Mechanical Repair Tools

  • Bike Repair Stand (we have one – a second would be great!)
  • Chain wrench

Household & Garden Tools

  • Canning tools (we have one large canning kettle)
  • Pressure canner
  • Button maker machine
  • Pruning saw (have two)
  • Long reach pruners (have one)
  • Serger
  • Sewing Machines (and/or maintenance for our two!)
  • Fruit tree ladder
  • Fruit picking basket
  • Garden Claw / cultivator
  • Mattock/pick
  • Paving block knife (for weeding)
  • Manual aerator
  • Soil knife/garden knife/hori hori
  • rototiller
  • portable woodchipper
  • rug shampooer


  • Drill bits (sets, packages, loose or specialized)
  • Jigsaw blades (sets or packages)
  • Reciprocating saw blades (sets or packages)
  • Circular saw blades (all sizes)
  • Cut off wheels for angle grinder (especially 4 1/2″)
  • Stanley and Arrow staple gun staples
  • Safety equipment (glasses/goggles, gloves, ear protection, dust masks)
  • replacement reels for our weed-trimmer (Weed Eater)
  • Extension cords (indoor-outdoor rated; multi-outlet reel extension)


Please note that we cannot take every tool and we reserve the right to turn away, redistribute, or sell tools we cannot use, easily service/repair, or have space to store.


Not needed at this time:

  • basic hand tools (standard screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets, Allan keys, hand saws)
  • shop vacs
  • pruning loppers
  • power tools that are not working or that lack batteries and/or chargers
  • full size table saws (tabletop or job site table saws welcome!)
  • non-portable shop tools (e.g. lathe, band saw, full size drill press, etc.)

Last update: 1 Sept17