Our Wishlist


This list is regularly updated! We have received an overwhelming amount of quality tools from the community, and we’re extremely grateful for the generosity of our donors!

We are always looking to expand our collection, especially tools from the list below. We gratefully accept working, gently-used tool donations at the tool library during regular hours or by arrangement. We also welcome supplies and “consumables” as listed below. Where noted we may have one or more in the inventory but there is more demand than availability.

Please contact us first before bringing in a large donation so we can make sure it’s a good fit for the space and our collection!

Hand Tools

  • Swaging tool for wire rope/cables
  • Double-Edge Saw (aka Japanese Hand Saw)
  • Sledge hammer (have one)
  • Pin face spanner wrench

Power Tools (we prefer wired over battery tools!)

  • Large Cut-off Saw for metal (at least 10”)
  • Belt sander (3”)
  • Impact driver
  • Palm/Disc/Orbital sanders
  • Additional power tool batteries and chargers in GOOD condition (still hold a charge) (Makita, DeWalt, Ryobi, Bosch)
  • Chainsaw

Bike & Automotive/Mechanical Repair Tools

  • Chain wrench
  • Chain breaker (have one)
  • Cable cutter
  • Pull hammer
  • Floor jack
  • Transmission/engine jack
  • Mechanic’s creeper

Household & Garden Tools

  • Post hole digger
  • Button maker machine
  • Canvas stretching pliers
  • Fruit tree ladder
  • Fruit picking basket
  • Portable wood-chipper
  • Rug shampooer/steam cleaner
  • Multi-outlet reel extension cords (rated for indoor/outdoor use)


  • Drill bits (sets, packages, loose or specialized)
  • Jigsaw blades (sets or packages)
  • Reciprocating saw blades (sets or packages)
  • Circular saw blades (all sizes)
  • Cut off wheels for angle grinder (especially 4 1/2″ and 6″)
  • Sanding pads/paper/etc.
  • Stanley and Arrow staple gun staples
  • Safety equipment (glasses/goggles, gloves, ear protection, dust masks)
  • Grass trimmer string

Please note that we cannot take every tool and we reserve the right to turn away, redistribute, or sell tools we cannot use, easily service/repair, or have space to store.


Not needed at this time:

  • basic hand tools (standard screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets, Allan keys, hand saws)
  • shop vacs
  • pruning loppers
  • power tools that are not working or that lack batteries and/or chargers
  • tool belts, tool pouches, or tool bags (small tool boxes welcome!)
  • sewing machines

We will consider larger shop tools for future expansion – these will be stored until such time as we can make use of them but please get in touch as these cannot be stored at the current library location.

Last update: 15Aug18