The Victoria Tool Library is run by volunteers just like you! We always need people with lots of great tool knowledge and building skills as well as folks with good people skills and outreach knowledge! We may have a special project with your name on it, so let us know if you’d like to volunteer.

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Fill in the volunteer form below to sign up for our next training session.


4344878104_e537b0248b_mWe can always use more people to be the friendly faces of the tool library, ready at the front desk to help members to check out tools and inspect tools when they’re returned. The front line crew makes the tool library run! You’ll be:

  • Signing up new members when they come into the library
  • Demonstrating the safe use of tools (don’t worry if you don’t know every single tool in our collection)
  • Checking out tools for members; explaining loan policy as needed
  • Checking in tool returns after inspecting them for damage or cleaning needs.
  • Collecting late fees and accepting cash donations
  • Accepting tool donations and prepping tools for cataloguing
  • Helping to keep the library and the collection clean and organized

Interested? Please fill out the Volunteer Form to get started!



Our board members work together to perform the day-to-day operations of the tool library, from opening and closing the tool library, managing the tool inventory, fundraising, and communications. The board is organized into several roles.

In general our board members will have the following qualities:

  • Personal integrity, professional credibility, and a passionate understanding of, and commitment to, the goals and core values of the VicTL
  • Networking skills, and a natural affinity for building relationships with organizations and individuals on behalf of the VicTL

The Victoria Tool Library will strive for a diversity among its directors, taking into consideration factors such as skills, experience, education, gender, age, ethnicity and geographic location.

If you are interested in joining our Board of Directors, please get in touch with us and tell us about yourself.




Wanna be on call to help with occasional tasks? This could include

  • picking up large tool donations (vehicle required)
  • repairing tools in our sick bay
  • helping staff special events
  • work parties
  • leading a workshop
  • anything else we can imagine!

If you are interested in these on call tasks, contact us and tell us about yourself!