Our Project


The Victoria Tool Library is a non-profit society that rescues high quality used tools and puts them into the hands of community members across the capital region. We are led by a board of directors, and supported by dozens of volunteers.

We started out when several people who had the idea to bring a tool library to Victoria found each other and started to collaborate. The Victoria Tool Library incorporated as a non-profit society in August 2015 and our founding board of directors got to work.

Over the following year we put the foundation for our tool library into place with a crowdfunding campaign, a tool drive, and a growing social media presence. Our long hunt for a location was finally over when we found a home with The Ministry of Casual Living at 858 Devonshire Road in Esquimalt.

We moved into our space in late in 2016, transformed it to meet our needs, and asked the community to help us grow our tool collection with donations, now that we had the space to accept them. The response we received was outstanding, with bins full of high-quality tools that had been well-maintained and clearly cared for. From specialized woodworking tools to power tools, our collection quickly grew, and volunteers worked speedily to input each tool into our online inventory so that members would be able to check them out of the library.

Finally, our grand opening took place on Saturday February 4th, 2017, and we’ve been operating ever since. We currently have over 200 members and an inventory of over 1000 tools! We’re so grateful for the support of the community and everyone who has donated funds, tools, and time to help get us to this point.



The Victoria Tool Library empowers the community by providing access to tools and the skills needed to use them safely and confidently.



To be a welcoming community hub within the sharing economy, fostering creativity and accessibility.



Access over ownership: We offer access to a variety of tools, as easily as possible. Membership is affordable and everyone is welcome.

Education and mentorship: We facilitate skill-building and knowledge sharing to empower members to use tools and take on projects.

Community building: We provide a physical place where people can connect with neighbours, be creative, build relationships, share skills and enhance our collective resilience.

Sustainability: We act as stewards be encouraging people to share their resources, buy less, repair, reuse and make do – more.