Crowdfunding Campaign

Throughout February 2016 we held a crowdfunding campaign to raise inital funds for the tool library. A sincere and hearty thank you goes out to each and every person who donated and helped to spread the word about the campaign.

thank-you-394180_960_720We made $8,575 from 136 backers! Your generosity will help the tool library become a reality, going towards things like operating costs, insurance and the development and maintenance of the tool collection.

A special thank you goes out to some local community-minded organizations who helped us along the way: Hoyne Brewing Company, Heath & Hands Health Collective, North Park Bicycle Shop, Butchart Gardens.

And to the local media outlets who helped us get the word all around town!

We are following up with the last of the campaign perks if you haven’t recieved yours yet… so stay tuned! Here are a couple of reactions from our wonderful donors!

The Indigogo page will remain archived here.

You’re amazing and we can’t wait to share tools with you all!

Thank you, community!